I STAND WITH DR. SABINA BURTON -If you care about student safety, protection from sexual abuse, tenure rights, academic freedom or First Amendment rights you should take a stand with her too.Ė†† Roger Burton (Sabinaís husband)†† #ISTANDWITHBURTON

Dr. Sabina Burton is fighting for the right to advocate for victims of sexual abuse and for her right to complain of retaliation.

A committee of the Board of Regents met on 5-10-18.I recorded the meeting.This recording begins just after I was given the floor for my 20-minute opening presentation: (Board-Hearing-5-10-18.mp3).†† Good explanation of whatís going on in the first 20 minutes of this audio recording. Ė Worth listening to.


On 6-6-18 - I sent an open letter to members of the UW System Board of Regents: (Regents-Decision-6-7-18).It didnít do any good.

On 6-8-18 the UW System Board of Regents fired Sabina.

On 7-6-18 Sabina filed a petition with the Circuit court for judicial review of the Boardís decision (Petition).

Here are the briefs that were submitted to the Board of Regents in April and May 2018:

         Dr. Burtonís exceptions to Chancellor Shieldsí charges (Exceptn-to-Shields.pdf)

         Attorney Lattisí support for the charges (Lattis-Brief-suppt-ChancRec-3-19-18.pdf)

         Dr. Burtonís response to Attorney Lattis arguments (Lattis-Brief-rebuttal.pdf)

         Attorney Lattisí response (Lattis-responseBrief-4-4-18.pdf)

The Board met on June 7-8, 2018, at the UW Milwaukee Student Union, 2200 East Kenwood Boulevard in Milwaukee on the UW-Milwaukee campus (videoofmeeting) or (archiveofMeeting).They delivered a decision that Dr. Burton is dismissed from her tenured faculty position.††

One interesting comment by one of the Regents was that they donít want to be the next Michigan State.†† I believe the UW System is equally culpable for endangering victims of sexual abuse as was Michigan State.I think the UW System is already like Michigan State was, it encourages sexual abuse by covering it up.†† I think what the Regent was probably saying was that they donít want to be caught up in a public scandal like Michigan State was.That is certainly understandable.However, their actions do not support this sentiment.They missed an opportunity, on 6-7-18, to mitigate the damage by correcting this matter.Instead, they fired one of their best faculty members because she helped a student with a sexual harassment complaint and because she complained about the cover up of the sexual harassment incident.The shifting, vague, false and bogus allegations against Sabina that have been presented over the past six hellish years are pretext.

Hypocrasy, Lies, Deceit, Retaliation, Perjury, Forgery, Fraud, Felonies, Misdemeanors, Violations of Law, Violations of Policy, Violations of Codes of Ethics, Violations of Human Decency, Sexual Harassment; these should not be what the UW System Board of Regents supports.†† I really thought they might want to correct this mess.†† I am very disappointed.I have stumbled into severe corruption that seems to go all the way up to the Board of Regents of the UW System.†† As a person of integrity, I am absolutely shocked by the number of people, real human beings with free will, who are willing to turn a blind eye to the truth.†† We have learned that truth, righteousness, honor, dignity, integrity, valor, courage, compassion and love of fellow human beings are not enough.†† We could use some more money.†† I believe the UW System attorneys plan to run us out of money, so we canít continue.†† I think that has been their goal from the beginning.If we canít afford to continue, we wonít be able to continue; there will be no accountability; students and employees will not be protected.

Call to Action: Please contact the National Womenís Law Center and encourage them to share with us some of the TIMEíS UP Legel Defense Fund. ††††Email: legalnetwork@nwlc.org.†† Ask them also to help us with legal representation, and with publicity of this matter.†† Then donate generously to their fund.


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