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  The easiest way to quickly find
the most efficiently positioned aircraft
for the lowest cost!'s proprietary software can speed your Travel Request to numerous aircraft operators instantly and displays your request on our Request Board where operators can find it.  Those operators compete for your business through our automated Air Taxi and Air Charter Exchange. Operator dispatch personnel may bid on your trip if it fits into their schedule and aircraft availability.   You receive multiple quotes directly from FAA certified aircraft operators along with their contact information.  Compare prices, aircraft specifics, photos and more.  Make an informed decision based on real quotes for real aircraft that are really available to you.  

The prices quoted through our system are the same you'd be quoted if you called the operators directly.   Instead of calling multiple aircraft operators to find the best deal just enter your request into our system and let us do the legwork. Our service is free to Requesters.

Note:  Our automated system is temporarily unavailable as we re-establish service on a new server.  During the automated system down time we stand ready to offer full service brokering for your travel needs.  

Time is your most valuable asset.   Let us help you save more of it.

Taxijet's service can make your connections quick and easy.    

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Taxijet's knowledgeable support personnel track every Travel Request and are available to assist in making your connections and answering your questions. 

We're not just another broker, and don't be fooled by the simple design of our web site.  Behind our site is some very sophisticated and powerful proprietary software that delivers on our claims.   WE ARE UNIQUE!!!!!!   Nobody else does business the way we do.  Our approach is new and it works. does not operate aircraft.   There are over 2300 Air Taxi and Air Charter operators in the US.  Don't limit yourself to just one or two.  Use and we'll expose your Travel Request to many operators giving you the best chance of finding the right aircraft in the right place at the right timetm to service your travel needs.  The efficiency in scheduling provided by our automated system lowers overall cost by reducing wasted motions and helps keep our planet greener. 

Air Freight Requests can be submitted in the same way as passenger requests.