Case #2:-Dr. Burtonís second lawsuit v UW System Board of Regents and their agents



Docket 1†† -This court document explains Dr. Burtonís allegations.


Docket Index-Court documents concerning this case, including responses from the defense.







The main point of this case is that the UW Platteville administration failed to provide an opportunity for Dr. Burton to be heard concerning a number of grievances that she had properly filed.The administration decided to violate their own policy to give timely hearings because they knew Dr. Burtonís arguments were right on the money and that they would not be able to support their previous decisions in a fair hearing.†† They decided they would rather take their chances in court than allow Dr. Burton to confront her accusers on their false allegations.††




To support their decision to violate Dr. Burtonís right to due process the administration violated more policy by creating a fake policy (SFDGHP).