“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.”  Mahatma Gandhi  


Dr. Burton’s support

What support does Dr. Burton have?  How can you support her?


I, Roger Burton, support my wife and hero Dr. Sabina Burton in her fight against a corrupt UW Platteville administration.


I stand for truth and human decency; I stand against corruption and lies. 


When the corrupt UW Platteville administration and their hacks picked on Sabina they picked a fight with me.  I will do everything I can, within the bounds of my conscience and law, to help her win this battle against corruption.  This is not just a battle for Sabina’s job and career.  We are fighting for the basic rights of others as well. 


I firmly believe that the UW Platteville administration targets employees who exhibit a conscience; any ethical employee will be targeted eventually.  They can’t allow ethical people to move up the ranks into positions of influence because their power is a house of cards that will tumble in a grand way if they allow ethical and courageous people to be heard.  


Sabina will be heard.


We’re holding this hill - send reinforcements and resupply - Semper-Fi.




(Pioneers Against Injustice) – Students who care about their school.



How can you help?


Start a Student Defenders group with the help of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. More info:


Many people have asked “what can I do to help?”   We recognized early on that anyone who openly supported Sabina would be retaliated against as a result (see Ron Jacobus’ declaration).   For this reason, Sabina tried to keep supporters at arms-length to protect them.  She especially did not look for supporters in her department as they were most at risk.  We tried to build our case to stand on its own merit, without testimony of supporters who may be subject to retaliation for their support.  We believe we have enough evidence that we don’t need anyone in the university to stand in court to show their open support and risk suffering retaliation.  It is unlikely that anyone would feel safe doing so while Chancellor Shields and Provost Throop are still in charge of the university, especially now knowing how Chancellor Shields tried to railroad Sabina and then Suspended her.   It is time now for others to take a stand too.



Donate to Sabina’s fight against Corruption:


Donate online  -or-

Donate by mailing a check (saves 5% charge for online donations).  Mail to: Sabina Burton, 5768 Maple Glen Lane, Platteville, WI 53818



Tell your story of abuse:


There comes a time when a person needs to stand for what is right even in the face of risk.   Sabina has beaten the odds and fended off two of Chancellor Shields’ attempts to fire her.  We are currently fighting to fend off his third attempt to fire Sabina.  We hope this fact will embolden others in the university to come forward and tell their stories too.  The more people come forward and tell of corruption at UW Platteville the more pressure comes to bear on those in power to effect change.  If you have a story of corruption at UW Platteville please call Matt Kittle, investigative reporter for, and tell him your story.   You are safer now than you have been in the past.  We can’t guarantee that the administration won’t come down on you but we have found that publicity has protected Sabina from retaliation even as it is used to retaliate against her.  We are fighting to turn the bullying culture of UW Platteville upside down.  More reports of corruption will help make that happen.  We know there are more stories to be told because we know some of them.  We don’t want to tell them because we want to protect the people involved.  We want the people who were victimized to tell their own stories of abuse.   Society stands on the shoulders of the courageous.



Be the unbiased jury Sabina was denied:            


I ask you to be Sabina’s jury for her case #1, which was dismissed because Sabina’s attorney, Tim Hawks, failed to present a convincing case to the court before summary judgment.  If you determine Sabina deserves your support, then donate to her and pass on her story to someone else.  If you determine she is wrong to fight against the system, then do nothing to help her.  Be the court of public opinion.  Debate this with your friends.  Assign it as a discussion topic in your book club.  Elevate it to a national discussion.  Hear Sabina’s case and render a decision.  Listen to the other side too.  Call key players and ask them about their side of the story and make your decision about who is telling the truth based on the evidence provided by both sides.  The university has claimed that they cannot discuss the issue because it was pending appeal in federal court but that excuse no longer holds water.  Case #1 is no longer in federal court but it is now in the court of public opinion and the administration is free to discuss it publicly.  Don’t let them tell you otherwise.  If they won’t answer your questions it is probably because they are hiding something.   I hope the university will produce their own mirror website disputing statements on my website,, so I can publicly rip their arguments to shreds.  Maybe pressure from the court of public opinion can force the university to publish their side of the story on the  After all, how can you make your decision without hearing both sides?  Don’t just take my word for it, ask Chancellor Shields some hard questions.


Case #2 only involves due process violations so the university may legitimately refuse to answer questions specifically about this limited federal case.  

Case #3 hasn’t been filed yet in federal court so the university indicates cover-up if they refuse to comment. 



Keep the story alive:


Talk about this issue with anyone you can.  Pass the website address of or to as many people as possible via social media or other ways.   Talk about this issue with anyone who will listen. 


Watch for new stories on  When a new story is published, make informed comments about the content of the article.  Your insights make a difference.  The more comments the articles get the more exposure the story gets.   With more comments, a story is more likely to trend, putting it in front of many more people.   So, keep making comments on future stories.


Doug Bennett, a commenter on made a very good suggestion writing:

Platteville has a very small local newspaper called the "The Platteville Journal", it is a very small local news sheet that will feature stories on the front page that typically would not make print in a Madison paper. I was reading it at breakfast and I saw an article on Shields being awarded some honor. If you want to weigh in on this story line I would recommend offering your insight via the opinion page of the local paper. Here is the email address for the owner/editor of the paper . Most locals read the paper and the opinion section of that news sheet is my favorite part of the paper. It is a way to reach local people who do not typically access alternative news sources. It could create more awareness of this situation.” 


Keep the buzz going.  Don’t let the momentum die down.  



Contact your government representatives:


Call or write (preferably call):

·         Governor Walker’s office

·         your Senators,

·         your State Representative,

·         the UW System Board of Regents,, 608.262.2324, Office of the Board of Regents, Jane S. Radue, Executive Director, 1860 Van Hise Hall, 1220 Linden Dr. Madison, WI 53706

·         the Fraud Waste and Abuse hotline.  Senator Harsdorf, is in charge of the Fraud, Abuse, Waste Hotline that handles public/university corruption.


Ask them to use their influence to force in depth and unbiased investigations into these issues and to make needed changes.  Any investigation in which Jennifer Sloan Lattis, Senior System Legal Counsel, is involved will, in my opinion, fail to provide truthful findings.  We have evidence of unethical behavior by Attorney Lattis and I personally believe she should lose her license to practice law over the things she has done in Sabina’s case.  Ask the people you contact to ensure that Attorney Lattis be completely separated from any investigation due to serious conflict of interest issues.


Suggest what changes you think need to be made.  Be informed and give constructive suggestions to these agencies.  Be part of the solution.  Together we can fix UW Platteville’s problems.   I think some people need to be replaced (starting with Chancellor Dennis Shields Interim Provost Elizabeth Throop, Attorney Jennifer Sloan Lattis, Dr. Mike Dalecki, Dr. Cheryl Fuller, Dr. Pat Solar and Deb Rice), existing policy needs to be properly interpreted and followed, new policy needs to be properly enacted and cronyism, nepotism and academic inbreeding issues need to be addressed.  


We don’t want to hurt the university we want to help make it better by turning its bullying culture upside down.   We want faculty members to be able to assist a student victim of sexual harassment and sexual violence without fear of retaliation.  We want good people to stay and bad people to go instead of the good people being discredited, railroaded and cast aside while bullies, cronies and criminals prosper at the expense of students.    We want to show other victims that there is a way to be heard.  If our strategy works for us it can work for others too.  We are facing a determined and powerful opponent.  Help us make our strategy work.  Help us write the book for fighting university corruption so we can offer other targeted employees and students a blueprint for fighting back that works.  


Get involved.


Roger Burton