Partial and hurried transcript of investigation interview between Dr. Petra Roter and Dr. Sabina Burton on Feb 9, 2017.Kara Amouyal was present via phone during the interview.Roger Burton transcribed the meeting using the audio provided by Dr. Roter on Feb 23.


Full audio::†† (Roter-Burton-interview-2-9-17-pt1), (Roter-Burton-interview-2-9-17-pt2)


Audio of only the 40 minutes dealing with the Throop Letter of Direction:

(Roter-Burton-LOD-Pt1-2145)- begins at 21:45 into full recording of part 1,

(Roter-Burton-LOD-Pt2-1950) Ė ends at 19:50 into part 2 of full recording.



The transcript was typed quickly so it contains a lot of mistakes.The transcript should be compared to the audio to verify statements.





First Recording Ė file labeled (7095833) begins:




Dr. Roter: We didnít know About the wifi.Itís open and you get what you pay for.


Attorney Amouyal:I can hear you.As long as you can hear me.If there comes a time when I canít hear you Iíll ask you to speak up.I will say .Sabina, did you bring documents with you?


Dr. Burton:Yes I brought the complaint.


Attorney Amouyal: Weíll submit something in writing.


Dr. Roter:Weíll be taping it and Sabina said she wuld tape it as well.

We will get that to you if you want it.It probably wonít be until early next week.


So, um I guess maybe we should get to it.




I was charged by Chancellor Shields to conduct an investigation of the complaints submitted by Provost Throop and Dean Gormley.They provided me with a packet of information as well. My role in this is basically to pull all this together.Itís more of a finding of fact there are no judgments or recommendations that would be included in what I submit to the Chancellor.It is just an opportunity to get some clarification and more importantly, in my mind, to have an opportunity to talk to the people involved and get their account and get some clarification.




††† It has three areas:Disclosure of personal confidentioal employment info through a number of different kinds of venues allegedlty that Dr. Burton has been involved with.2) Alleged intimidation and harassment of coworkers and ignoring the directives that have been set down to cease and desist.Last, is involving or pulling students into personal grievances or issues related to work.So, those are the three main aras in a nutshell so that is what Iíd like to talk about.Is that alreight?

Dr. Burton: yes,

First disclosure of confidential info.I have goner thorugh social media and those there are a number of transcripts or actual recordings of you call a DRB, or personnel interactions.With that being said.Can you tell me about that?




Dr. Burton:I recorded two such meetings.One was a DRB and one was a CRST.The reason the recordings were made available with the defendants through discovery in I believe 2015 if I remember correctly.They were all handed over.The defense asked for the recordings and I gave them to them.They were available to public .Nobody havs mentioned any problems about that.They were court documents.


Dr. Roter: What do you mean?

Dr. Burton:Nobody said anything about confidentiality conflicts.Nothing from my attorney.The defense attorneys.Nobody.AGís office.

Dr. Roter:Did you get any notice or cease and decist from Provost, Dept Chair or anyone else?

Dr. Burton:Never.I have been open with all the information. My husband, with my knowledge organized the website with a timeline diary.Whetehr it is positive or negative for me I wanted to be frank so people could make an informed decision.The site became important because our appellate attorney could have access to the info.

Dr. Roter: So this was to document this case for your attorney and the public?

Dr. Burton:At forst iot wsw just for the attorney.We didnít make it public.As for the recordings.We had a DRB, Me, fuller, Caywood and Dutelle.The proceedings, it was never a closed ,meeting. Nobody ever made a motion to close the DRB.It was for the DRB.The meeting why I recorded it was.I was instructed not to speak.I wanted to talk about the real reasons the real problems with Dr. Gibson.with Dr. Gibson.I was told I was not allowed to speak.

Dr. Roter: Who told you not to speak?,

Dr. Burton:Dr. Dalecki and Dr. Fuller.In fact, in the DRB hearing yo will hear Dr. Fuller kicked me multiple times, slapped me and shushed me.I recorded it because I intended to speak to the true reasons, real problems with Dr. Gibson. A;lsp tjere was a statement I found problematic.Dr. Dalecki wanted to not renew retention or recommendation for Dr. Gibson.Dr. Caywood and Dutelle were very supportive of Gibson.Theety,when I mentioned it theysaid it would be two-two.They said we donít want to address the real reasons.Fuller said she could change things on the form later.I found that problematic so I wanted to record the meeting.

The CRST.I coldnít serve on theDRB and the CRST.I recorded it because I was accused of not being fair to Dr. Fuller (Note:Sabina meant to say Solar, not Fuller) and would not side rail him.I wanted to show that I would be fair.Inf act the recording was very fair, exzpecaially for Solar.He was going to be marked down for scholarship but since we had so few people it would be difficult to do well in scholarship.Because I interceded for him he was not marked down.In the Barraclough investigation he brought that up (the accusation that I wouldnít be fair to Solar) and I was able to document as defense that I was in fact fair and spoke up on behalf of Solar.Sosthe audio became an important defense document for me.It was not mentioned that I did anything wrong.





As soon as I got the letter, the complaint, from the Chancellor. I received it by mail, email on Jan 4th.I requested that my husband immediately take down anything that was of a problem. SoI donít want to violate any rules. laws and so on.What I donít understand, if itís so problematic: Damage could have been foiled way earlier.I mean obviously the letter was written in mid December and it could have, by email either a request or order to take down the problematic audio recordings and transcripts and I would have of course, complied with that order.So, even the complaint of the chancellor does not include such an order or request.





Jan 4, I asked my husband immediately take down anything problematic.The letter was written in mid Dec.He could have asked me to take down the ausios.I wold have complied with that audio.In fact even the complaint and order from chancellor does not include any order or request to this effect.





Dr. Roter: So y0ou wanted to document that you were being fair.

Dr. Burton:In redgard to evaluations.Inever had that before.I felt very pressured and intimidated to speak up.I didnít feel that fair if I am a member of the DRB and ordered not to speak up.

Dr. Roter:†† So you made these recordings.Then it was put on the website for your attorney.Then it became m ore public.Was there any consideration for knowing that these are personnel matters, putting them online?

Dr. Burton:That was maybe a klnee jerk/panic reaction when I received the complaint from rice.An investigator came to my home.Then I received the same complaint by certified mail.That said that Ií could be terminated.It was not made clear what kind ofr complaint it was.Not

Dr. Roter:No details?

Dr. Burton:that created a kind of panic in me.That is a longer story that I can explain if needed.But I never get to speak.I never get to tell myt side of the story.I hav e been subjected oot severe harassment for years.Lohmann said Rice needed to be reprimanded.That did not occur.I learned that her complaintd included no eviceence.I was to be investigated before the investigator even talked to Rice.That is backwards, asking someone to defend themselves against allegations eve n before probable cause is establisghed.Since 2014 I was supporse to be terminated and silenced for good.

Dr. Roter: Since 2014 you felt there was a movement to terminate y0ou?

Dr. Burton: correct

Dr. Roter: What made you think that?

Dr. Burton:When I was not able to be the leading role in the German delegation visit I was told by Fuller that Dean Throop and Daleck I were discussing my termination.She said you better crawl back to Dalecki be suse they are going to terminate you.It was on a wednescaday at CJ reception dest (date given) goodbye brunch for Delegation.I asked to talk to Dalecki about this.I told him that Fuller told him that and it was later denied.I believed it was indeed serious.As part of the discovery package Throop wrote to Lohmann the day after issuing the LOD she wrote that she wold file A COMPplaint against me.But what she listed for reasons were events that occurred way after she said she would file the complaint.Also the accusation of me cancelling class., not asking me for circumstances or even if it Was true.I felt I was set up for termination.It became for me the pending the Chancellor sat on the report from Barraclough for a year.He supported another complaint before he event issued a response tyo the Throop complaint.It was a sword of Damocles.He said the report had merit.He wrote that he didnít want to elaborate why it had merit.He said you did something wrong but we wonít tell you what.That had been the theme ever since I assisted the student.I asked ďwhat did I do wrongí and never hgot an answer.Ever since then Iíve been shaky and nervous, I get panic attacks everytime I get a letter because I worry that it will be my termination letter.


Dr. Roter:So you thought this woulod be a way to defend yourself and have your story told.

Dr. Burton: I didnít want to be one sided.I wanted people to see everything.There is a ton of information as you saw.We knew there might be some things that could be used against me.It has things in it that I did not send that were too emotional.

Dr. Roter: So there are documents that you never sent to anybody.

Dr. Burton:They talk to what I was thinking,notes, speculations, feelings about my former attorney.Issues with one attorney where I got the leLOD from Throop, she was iupset with me saying I was ruining my chance of winning a lawsuit.She was really unhappy with me.It was unfiltered.The idea was, it was a panic reaction.Letís get it out there before I am terminated.If I put it out afterward Iíd be viewed as just another disgruntled employee.I did it so I wouldnít be terminated/.†† I asked my husband to take students names off except for the ones with statements.

The defense submitted a document with social security numbers on it.I made sure it was not included.We tried to take out anything that might be problematic.I understand it was a problem so I tried to do damage control as much as possible.

Dr. Roter: Did you ask ahead of time if you could record in these instances?

Dr. Burton:There might be one or two where I asked but no.I thought I would not get permission and it would shut up the conversation completely.

Dr. Roter: Is there anything you wanted to add to this protion?There were interractions on facebook and twitter.Youíve changed your privacy settings?

Dr. Burton:Yes.I try not to have anything that involves my children public.I made some postings for my kids and I changed it to private.

Dr. Roter:So, you did express some of these things in those venues (facebook and twitter)?

Dr. Burton:Yes.


29:30†††† ---Throop Letter of Direction discussion†† -Rebuttal can be found here (Throop LOD Rebuttal)


PĒ: There was talk about the LODs. Can you talk about those LODs.

Dr. Burton:if your time allows it I would really appreciate going over Dean Throopí]s LOD.

Dr. Roter: Whatever works for you.

Dr. Burton:I have requested to respond to that letter. That was, I filed a grievance request pretty soon after.I never received a grievance hearing within 11 months.

Dr. Roter: when did you file the grievance request?

Dr. Burton:Days after I got the LOD.I drafted a rebuttal and asked re3peatedly when I would get a hearing.In fact, Throop. The date of the LOD was Oct 28. I then asked for a grievance hearing. Throop filed her complaint Jan 5 2015 or thatís when I received it.They initiated an investigation into her complaint long before they even responded to my grievance hearing request.I got an email in spring 2015 where the convener of the GH said we will schedule yo0ur hearing first thing in fall semester of 2015 but they didnít.I never got this.The following is sumary of the most recent 1.Serious accusaitons about Dalecki (Sabina reads first part of LOD).††

First, After I named Dean Throop in the EEOC complaint in Aug 2013 then it became a lawsuit in Spring 2014 I refrained from, I minimized email contact with Throop on purpose.It is not true that I sent dozens.She makes it look like I bombarded hre.It does not exist.Not true.(Serious claims against Dalecki) Dalecki did abuse me.If I feel abused by a superior I should be able to articulate that.Whether it actually happened or not an employee should be allowed to articulate that to her superiors.

Dr. Roter: So, you didnít go through Hr or affirmative action?

Dr. Burton:Yes, I did go through HR.I tried mediation with Dalecki but the university cancelled mediation.Interesting thing: DeCoste and Lohmann assured me that if the mediation didníwork I had the right to file a grievance. I DID file a grievance against Dalecki.†† I didnít get a grievanc e.They delayed it until the content of my grievance was moot.They violated policy for no real reason.†† I ex changed emails with Fairchild -dates when I was avaialable.He said oh great.Iíl discuss that with the committee.

Dr. Roter:So you were proper with him.

Dr. Burton:Absolutely.It was a very colleaguial tone, very friendly tone.

(Reads about the Oct 2 email)I only had two emails.June 6th or 9th where I sent an email to the full time members of the CJ dept. where I shared with the department some things.I felt it was important to mention to the department.People left short notice.I felt that was violating our studentís rights to ensure them with proper instructors.I think for about a year we only had adjusnt instructors teacing with only a bachelor degree.Caywood taubht himself over the summer of 2014 the Forensic Investigation material.I feel that is a violation of our studentís rights that they are taught my adjuchts.Grave reports by national experts, one called it a ďtrain wreckĒI was accused that I called it a ďtrain wreckĒ but it was Dr. Stojkovic.Oct 2 email was a protected activity.It was an email where I asked for an investigation into violations of law.The email was deleted from my account.I asked Throop about it and she wrote back to the matter ďyou are mistaken, there is no mention of an Oct 2 email in my LOD. I belive she tried to deny it because it was protected activity.

Unsubstan tiatied)- I did support and substantiate my claims with evidence. I take it very seriously.


2 (inflammatory email on June 6)-Sabina reads it.††


That is an example why whenever I had a problem I put it in writing.I was told that I should talk to people in person but my words were so often twisted and exaggerated I tried to have evidence of my words by using email.


Dropping a job with no notice is unethical.


I didnít threaten.I suggested that it would be a good idea to get an outside agency to look into matters.I wanted to discuss it as a department to see if it would be a good idea to do it.


After the devastating report about the FI program.It is run more like a technical program.They both resigned within weeks.I thought that was suspicious.


I diodnít threaten to include students in my campaign.I wanted to inform them that the FI program was undergoing changes and adjustements.I felt it was my obligation to be honest with students in this regard.I did not involve students in my campaign.I did not ddo that.


Dr. Roter: Did you put this out on Facebook, social media?

Dr. Burton:No, never, I put it out only to the dept faculty, full time staff.Also our coordinator, Sheri Kratcha.

(Reads LOD about German visit)this is especially troubling for me.This was one of the worst times of my life.I lost my father on valentines day 2013.My mother had surgery (june 6, 2014 was her surgery scheduled.)(Sabina explains what was going on with family).I flew back to arrange for the hospitalization beginning of summer break.She is elderly.My youngest daughter had an almost fatal car accident in Oct 2013.She had a lot of pain, headaches, inmsomia.A lot of problems.I went to Germany for about 5-6 days to be with my Mom and then came back. My Mom insisted I go back.My uncle, who is a Physician, her younger bro said he would be around to be sure she would be ok.My youngher bro was diagnosed with diabetes.My sister had a heart attacvk. (second heart attack after easter 2014)A lot of family issues.

They are no more my colleagues than people in this bank are Dr. Daleckiís colleagues.They are Germans, I am German so this is guilt by nationality or something like this.I was asked by then-chair Caywood to set up an exchange program to Germanhy.Make use of my ties in Germany.This was in res[pondse to a request by Provost Den herder that we try to make international curriculum at UWP.I was asked in spring 2012 to set that up (I have documentation).I contacted my contacts in Germany.All requests have to go throught the equivalent of the FBI in Germany. So I contacted them and they contacted various states to see who was interested.†† Two states responded,I felt a former socialist part of Germany would be best.From the beginning they made clear that they would only host us if we extended the same opportunity to their students.From the beginning it was made clear, Dr. Caywood initiated it.I went over there with a short study abroad trip (3 credit course).I handled all the prep while teaching a full load and advising 70 students.I had a lot on my plate.

When they visited us in June 2014 I was expected to handle all of the prep by myself while doing a full load, overload including handling seminar papers for our grad program.I was given no release time.I have never done this before.It is not my specialty. No assistance. I translated with the extra time I had available.I was willing to be there and help out where I could.I never asked to do that by myself.It was expected that I would do that.They wanted to visit in the summer (June).That was when they didnít have as busy a schedule.This was during my 3 mo off time.Completely volunteer, no release time, no pay.About June 8 or 9 I got a frantic call that my mother was in intensive care and might die.I was beside myself.It was extremely stressful.One tragedy after anotgher.I thought about flying over there right away.My daughter wasnít doing well.It stressed her.My uncle said ďyou stay with Sarah and weíll keep you updated.Thatís when I contacted Dalecki.I said I canít handle this, it is on you.

Dr. Roter:did you explain to him the circumstances?

Dr. Burton:Oh yes he knew.He later questioned whether my Mom was really sick.And Deb Rice too.They said it was just an excuse, that it wasnít real.Rice lied.I called her to thank her for stepping up and she yelled and cussed at me.She said ďmy hyusband was sick and I could do stuffĒShe completely diminished it.She later falsely claimed that I called her and said ďHah hah look what I did to Dalecki.ĒI have records to prove that she was in intensive care.




Kara:Can we take a ten min break in a few minutes?

Dr. Roter:You want a break now?

Attorney Amouyal:yes.Iíll hang up

Dr. Burton:Before we move on I want to say that it was such a stressful time that I was hospitalized in August.

Attorney Amouyal: We can pick it back up.



First Recording (7095833), (Part 1) ends:




(note:I ran out of time to smooth out the transcript below this point so it may not be entirely accurate.You should listen to the audio for accuracy.)



Second recording (111142) (Part 2) begins:


We talked about moving to more specifics.Sabina said she would keep it shorter.


2:25 Ė21:00 Throop LOD discussion (continued)


Sabina reads Throop LOD about Stackman admonition.


Sabina:I wanted to have a backup in case we traveled to Germany.We have a dog and a cat.Dr. stackman.I had a friendly relationship with her.She dog sat and house sat for colleagues so she offered that.




Sabina:She called it a demand.I never demanded, I just asked.†† She read the part about Sabina not taking responsibility for her actions.Sabina said that she didnít even know why she was removed.


She was not my mentee at that time.Explanation about the mentoring issue by Sabina.




(Sabina reads LOD about email to Rice)


Burton:†† I was kinda direct. I was pretty short.I said I needed the information for an investigation about the accusation that I had dropped ďmy guests.ĒI was kinda short, I was brief mainly because she had cussed me out over the phone.I told Dalecki.I learned that she had a student working ona n itinerary.I wasnít accusatory.†† She worked on it too.†† The student got credit for it too.They made it look like I hogges that visit and that is why I needed the infprmation.


Sabina reads LOD about Solar:†† He lied to me.I have evidence.He was ordered to solicit feedback from dept members for three faculty positions.He excluded me,As a


Roter:So he didnít share those with the department?


Burton:He didnít.I didnít threaten his tenure bid.As a senior faculty member I felt it was my duty to point out violations and he clearly did.


Burton:reads LOD about telling students to bypass dept chair.First, the s tudent was concerened about going to Dr. Dalceki.The student felt that the chair would be biased.I was not comfortable.She first came to me with some grading issues.I said you can go to student affairs.They are listed as a contact office for students.So, I did not want to go.Dalecki was not on speaking terms with me.Throop and Lattis advised him against talking to me.I asked to sit down and talk about the problems we had and he refused to talk to mee.So, since I was not on speaking terms I was not comforatable sending the student to daleckli.


Burton reads LOD about Throopís fear that she might do something.I did not instigate.Theycame to me with a concern.


Roter:So the student came to you asking for some alternatives.


Burton:I try to inform my students in class about the rights and ooptions they have.If you have an issue with me I tell them they can go to me or the chair or student affairs.I have always felt comfortable sending students to student affairs because the Dean of Student affairs told me that that is what they are there for.Caywood told me that he was there for his men, he advocates for the faculty so I didnít do anything that warrants a directive.


Roter:Actively work to resolve your issues at the most local level.So, work the system.


Burton:Yes, thatís what I did.


Kara:please go slower.


Burton:Throop said that I was not fit to be chair because I couldnít handle Caywoodís retaliation on the local level.I went to Solar to try to handle the matter on the local level.But he changed his story several times and that is why I have the email to show he was not truthful.


Roter:Reads LOD about stuff


Burton:†† That means that I cannot articulate my concerns.


Roter:There were eemails after this date rithg?




Bur:Yes, there were emails, Iíd have tyo go back to the account to see what there were. Certainly there were emails in regard to this LOD. There was a disciplinary letter that was put in my file, by the way that letter has been removed from my personnel folder.Also, I wrote a rebuttal that should be included but was taken out as well.And the dismissal letter of the complaint that Deb Rice filed is not included in my personnel folder.



Roter:So in your personnel folder the letter of directive as well as the rebuttal were taken out?


Dr. Burton:†† Yes, and I have email from Dr. Crowley that said, yes, it would be in my personnel folder, as well as the rebuttal to the complaint and the letter of direction of the chancellor.And they are not included.


Roter:Did you request to have those removed?


Burton:No, never ever. No. And I had a letter of appreciation from the Chancellor that was issued in spring of 2012 and that letter was taken out as well.




R:You will henceforthe treat your cololeagues with respect and keep c omments in appropriate arena.

Fourth is apologize to Dr. solar.


Dr. Burton:Because of that letter I recorded it to protect myself.The directive.I feel treated differently.In one of the restaurants, there were statements abnout me that I have a mental illness and other things.A student made a statement and Lohmann said that Rice made inappropriate comments about me.I told Lohmann that I need an apology.Students commented on that, including that I would get fired.Rice said to him ďhell noĒ she wonít apologize.I have evidence that that issue with Rice had to go forward. Rice said she had never been reprimanded.That graduate student was terminated.


I didnít know about the student recording the meeting.


R:That was something I was going to ask.

Dr. Burton:We talked about one party consent states So students are informed of the legal implications of recording.


R:anything elso on the LOD?

Dr. Burton: no





RĒ: So the complaint talks about thje unprofessional conduct.I think we hit on most of these.†† Social media, misrepresenting facts, 2012 allaged sexual assault.Sexual harassment incident in order to frighten students.

Dr. Burton:I dind]t do that.The student made a sworn declaration. Throop expressed her deep concern about what happened.In her deposition she called the student biased.


Caywood thinks the student didnít do anything wrong.†† Note:†† Sabina mixed this up.She meant to say that Caywood thinks the faculty member didnít do anything wrong.


The student was deeply upset.She graduated Summa Cum lLaude.That disc ouraged her from speaking up again.It was a very negative.


R:That has to do with your other case?

Dr. Burton:Yes

R:So I wontí get into that so much.

How about the conduct towards Dr. Nemmetz?There is an email in here.Letís talka about that for clarification.

Dr. Burton:Nemmetz was hired through a search and screen that I conducted.

R:You were the chair?

Dr. Burton:yes.Fuller also chaired a search.Her search failed.I had multiple candidates.I threw my net out wide and used other contacts.Nemmetz became a finalist.She wanted to come to Platteville.After I informed her she applied again.At that time she was director of first year experience.She got her PHD through Caplan online.Caywood was very much against hiring her.He diminished her PhD.Even though eh was not a member of the search he pulled her dissertation and berated it.So, there were negative sentiments agaibnst Nemmetz before I came.In 2009-10 I was one of the people questioned in the investigation into the dysfunction in our department.I treid to be fair.People said she should be hired with less pay.I got someone in HR involved due to concerns.There is documentation that I was concerned for the fairness to her.I felt I had a friendly relationship with her.I welcomed her with a flower boquet for her and Stackman and Sherry Kratcha.I did not share my pain with her eve n though it was tough.The Cyber-Crime program I tried to build here fell apart due to Caywoodís change of heart.Ig ot 15 students through restorative justice.That program, without explanation, was taken from me and given to Dr. Nemmetz.That was not in her field.It was not her doing but it was given to her.In the next conference I helped where I could.So there was nothing negative.When I learned through Dean Throop that Nemmetz had complained aobut me I asked about it.She went to the Dean.I was flabbergasted when I read that.My emails were very friendly.She would say, have a snazzy day.There was never anything commubnicated that there was a problem. I had no idea.


R:Falsely accusing Strobl among other things, misrepresenting on grant and sexism.

Dr. Burton:I tried to handle that on a local level with her.I said I am confused that you took me off the grant and you list me on the grant as someone who is working on it.My resume is strong.I co-developed POST.I worked as a direct assistant for the dean.My qualifications are superb for that grant.She took me off and replace dme with an adjunct.Shge referred to him as a professor but he is an adjuct.He is not a professor.Males were preferred in our departmtyne and I can neame multiple examples.Dejavu. I was not replaced with a professor but with a male adjunct.I tried to address it on the local llevel but she declined to comment.She said ď itís beyond that.ĒThat is why I wrote this email.


R:David C oouper?Heís the one attached, but wasnít a professor?

Dr. Burton:I had a very colleagial relationship until that conference.I was involved in arranging the conference the year before.I was very successful.I was an active and supportive member.One of my tasks was to use my professional connections to bring in a speaker on the use of deadly force.I had someone very good, a police chief, Sheriff in one of the largest agen cies in Californaia.When he was ready tpo come out, Couper failed to make arrangements.When I asked him about it he sayd ďWho?ĒThis embarassmd me.Strobl was upset too.Couper called himself faculty and Professor.He got himself issued a faculty badge and I thought that was not right.I called him out on that.But again I handled iton a local llvel.I did n ot bring it to higher authority and again I am written up on it.


Dr. Burton:one of the points was the unauthorized access of my email account.Solar wrote that.When my husband showed it to me in his email communication with him I said forget about it, that must be a joke.†† Solar put a picture outside his office that I felt was disturbing.In response to the Fergusson shooting he put a picture outside his office ďAnother iunarmed black man beaten by a cop.ĒTerressa Burns, Chair of humanities brought this up and said there were complaints in the ethnicity dept.He made some other statemnets.A studentís paper, that I forwarded to the chair for her to handele.He said, of sexual assault, many women come to me and they are making it up and crying wolf.The reality ios that mpost donít and it is extremely traumatizing.When women take back their accusatioons it is for the pressure.†† I like him as a guy.I am very familiar with his type.I have been around a lot of them and I have many friends.†† Solar claims that I shared this with my husband.



R:So you didnít share your password, and did not give your husband access to your UW Platteville email?

Dr. Burton:Of course not, no, thatís why, no, I never did, no, I mean that would be a violation of FERPA.Thereís no need for it.If there was something I thought that would be of interest to him I forwarded an email to him.And thatís what I did in this case.I actually asked him.Why donít you talk to Pat.Actually my husband and Pat knew each other well.Pat asked my husband to find him a rental property in town.My husband works as a Realtor.So they have contact, they went to the shooting range together.I asked my husband to handle that.Thatís why I forwarded the email to him.Thatís why I donít understand why this is given as evidence that I gave my husband unauthorized access to my email account when it is clear that this is a forwarded email.





R:Anything else youíd like to add?

B. yes, if I may.


R: Sure.


Dr. Burton:It has come up multiple times, you know in communication, Iíve been, you know in the letter of direction, my communication style has been, itís.. I have a tendancy to be direct. Iíll give you that.It might be my German heritage.I donít beat around the bush. I get to it. I try to be careful.Thatís why I like to do email over (verbal) communication because it gives me a chance to proof read it again before I send it.There were two investigations.One by Den Herder (dean then Nimmocks)She called in every full member of the dept.Nexty year Bunte did another investigation into Nimmocksí allegations of sexual harassment.

Spring 2010 Caywood was outraged thaty Fuller accused hiof sexual harassment.Dean Den Heredr talked to all of us.She came to the dept and mandated communication training for everybody.†† After she left the room, Caywood said, weíll never do that.Den herder never followed up on it.We were a divided department. It wss very stressful. I had two bosses.Den Herderís answer was that Fuller reported to the Dean ad not to the chair.†† I dreaded going to his offece for his signature.That communciacation training never occureed.Problematic depat


2013 Chancellor Shields ordered communication training.I brought it up with Lohmann asking for the training but it never was conducted.


Thjere are people spreading rumors that I wouldnít be around much linger.I am proud that my daughter is here.My younger daughter, because of the harassment, refused to go to Platteville, she goes to Whitewater.I worked for years for UCI, my performance record was outstanding.They tried to roll over a grant in case.†† I never had any complaints against me and I never filed a complaint.Up to the student complaint I was stellar.


R:So that was the turning point

Dr. Burton:Yes.I had a good relationship.Dean Throop invited me and my husband to her home.Fuller told me that Throop said I was golden.Sabina lists a bun h of the good things that were going on.I had Dr. Caywood over tpo our home.I tried to break a lot of the barriers in our department by having events at out house.There is no perfect place out there.There are problems with this place.It is stressful


R:Anything els?

Attorney Amouyal:Maybe we will submit something short in writing but this seems to cover it.

R:I wanted to have the opportunity to hear from you, Sabina.

Dr. Burton:The Aug 9 complaint Ric e filed.The Chancellor entertained right away.I had tried for two years to resolve the issues with Rice.She created an extreme;ly hostile environment for me.She claimed the my father was a Nazi in a statement to an investigator.She said that when I was on FMLA leave.She claimed that I spent the time vacationing in California, thatís a lie.She and Dalecki said that I wasnít really sick.Talk about trust issues.Thisw destrotys my relationship with my collleagues.This and more undermines my relationship in the department.I never had a chancer to address these complaints.†† Rice never received a formal complaint but I did.I have evidewnce that it was Rice who falsely accused me of cancelling class.


I asked the students to send emails to me, not to the dean.I wanted to collect them so I could present them.Lohmann was told that.Until the deposition I didnít know it was Rice. Throop in fact swore that Rice confirmed that I had cancelled the class.†† My god-father was dying.Rice called my trip evidence that I was manic.She tells them I am crazy..These are things that have been said about me in the department and have eroded the trust I build early on.

I never agreed not to record the meeting.I felt the need to record b ecause I feared it would tyurn into a Sabina bashing and it did.I have a right to record it.

Cauwppod said in his deposition he powedme an apology but he didnít.Throop said she owed me an apollogybut she didnít.I am the most senior fac ulty member in the program./It sends a message to everyone when m y role is diminished.I am excluded in discussions.She talks to probationary faculty members about future plans but not me.I was not allowed to serve on the curriculum committee.It was staffed with junior members.Dean of Bilsa thought this was inappropriate.They see that.It is in everybodyís best interest, not to side with me, to exclude me.That has injured me.Things like calling my father a Nazi is v ery hurtful for me.My grandfather was sureveiled,My Fatyherís cousinwas tested in a Nazi concentration camp.Theis was very traumatizing for my parents.Thatís what I grew up with.

I provi9ded evidence but Rice provided none.The Chancellor called both complaints equal and dismissed them equally.


When I had to go on sick ;leave, peple had tyo pick up the slack.That puts pressure on people, and thenm they find out I was on vacation?††


Rice got vacation.I think her two week break was reward for her complaint against me.This was confirmed.Very obscure.


R:Anything else you want to add about the allegation?

Dr. Burton:It seems thorough.I appreciate that you geve me the opoportunity.

R:Well thatís the way it is done

Dr. Burton:But I have not had that opportunity

R:I may have to come back to ask for addisional clarification.I am supposed to have this thing finished by or close to the first.So I really do appreciate.

Dr. Burton:I will try to be available.

R:I can go ahead and catych Kara if we need to.




:BĒI never brought up any of my problems in class.Even after the articles were published.I never brought up any of it.I did inform them that if it happens to you this is where you can go.Students have rights.I always mentioned the university in a positive way.That is why my daugheer is going here.It would hve been inappropriate, in my opinion, to use that forum.My preference was to take it to a grievance hearing.I filed my EEOC complaint on the last possible day.


As for the facebook post, I explicitly asked my students not to worry about me.I asked them to stand up foer the student.When she read it she was shocked by what people said.I only posted that with her in mind.Dean Gormley and Nevins, dean of students say that students are supposed to feel comfortable saying their concerns.That is why I posted it.I asked students not to intervene.That is not whay the student sent it.I donít even know who that student is.




R:Kara, I know you said you would write something up.Iíll include that in the report.This is not a hearing.It puts things in motion for the Cha 4 proceedings. But I will include that/.If it goes to the Ch4 proceedings it will be helpful as you prepare you case.

Attorney Amouyal:Yep, please let us know if you need anything els.?Bye

R:Iíll tyurn off the tape reocrder here.




Audio files were provided by Dr. Roter at this link:(BurtonInterview-audiolink-2-23-16)